Traffic Barrier Solutions

Coaxial is an authorized reseller and installers of Barrier Gate Operators, Traffic Control Spikes and Vehicle Access Control Products at great prices with excellent customer service!

We offer sales of Magnetic Auto Control Barrier Gate Operators, Came Access Automation Road Barriers, Barrier Gates, Automated SpikesTraffic Spikes, Directional Tire Spikes, Traffic Spike Systems, Motorized Traffic Spike Systems, Wedge Barrier Gates, 2 Sided Reflective Warning Signs for One Way Tire Spikes, BD Loops Brand Vehicle Detection Loops, Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps, Recycled Rubber Speed Humps, Recycled Rubber Car Stops and Vehicle Access Control Products.


Traffic control spikes are ideal for controlling traffic direction and speed through a controlled entry location or parking lot. Traffic spikes prevent vehicles from proceeding through a traffic lane in the wrong direction by enforcing one-way traffic lanes. Flush mount spikes and surface mounted spikes are available with Spring Retraction or Weighted Retraction. Speed bumps should always be used to force drivers to slow down while driving through the controlled entry point. Speed Bumps control vehicular traffic to a safe and required 5 MPH speed while driving over parking lot traffic spike strips.

Barrier Gate Arm Operators are the perfect solution if frequent access is required. Barrier gates prevent vehicles from entering without proper authorization – efficiently managing entry without hampering a busy traffic flow. Super High Speed Barrier Gate Operators, Wide Lane Barrier Gate Operators, Wedge Barrier Gates and General Purpose parking gate barriers are available at very affordable prices. Call for your price estimate based on your site requirement.

Barrier gates are one of the most effective types of automation for controlling the vehicle traffic in parking lots, private entrances and reserved apartment complex areas.


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