Access Control System

The need to secure certain areas of your organization or assuring that the authorized personnel are only the one to use your resources became a must for different kind of businesses. Coaxial provides a range of Access Control solutions that covers all the possible applications and need for the Access Control.

Coaxial Access Control Solution doesn't have space limitation utilizing a convenient TCP/IP-based Internet network, and can perfectly support diverse entry control functions, beginning from those of simple One-Door Access Control System to even more complicated network type Access Control System. While offering the same advantages of a fingerprint-based system, it is easier to install and connect wires compared to other existing RF card-based system, because it is built in a unique detachable structure.

We have indoor Access Control Terminal using RFID & RFID + Finger Print as well as outdoor Terminal with RFID & Fingerprint. We also provide turnstiles & hotel lock solutions.

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